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Problem with Openstreetmap tiles this morning

I’m having a rendering malfunction in SkyAware (wish I hadn’t cleared my cache)
Had to switch to an alternate mapping provider (OSM B&W is fine) as I seem to be having issues grabbing the tiles from Openstreetmap eg:


Anyone else seeing HTTP Status 503 / Service Unavailable
or messages like No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource

Perhaps it’s just me (or my Internet provider)?
Hopefully just a temporary glitch.

Likely related to this:


AWS has been down since around 3am EDT. So if they use Amazon servers, that error will occur. It appears it’s coming back up.

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Thanks @caius and @markrrichardson
I feel like an idiot now :wink:
I should have read the news before posting.

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