Problem with ATC nationwide


Fox news just reported that a problem with ATC communications that started in the New England area is now looking to be a nation wide problem.
Anyone have any more info?


Fox News says ground stop in most of NE!

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Communications failure with a facility in Georgia that does something with flightplans for the northeast… the calls from the news agencies for maps are pouring in.


The Flight Delay Information - Air Traffic Control System Command Center map is acting pretty flaky. One minute the whole country is green, the next, it’s all orange, and then it’s mostly green with a few odd orange and reds here and there.

Whoops… now it’s all red…
Nope - now its four oranges and two reds…


CNN: FAA computer problems cause flight delays

Airports across the United States were experiencing flight delays Tuesday afternoon after a communications breakdown at a Federal Aviation Administration facility, the administration said.


What is out is a network hub of NADIN in ATL

NADIN is: National Airspace Data Interchange Network II (the national digital message switching network for aeronautical data).

This is what NADIN does:

National Airspace Data Interchange Network Message-Switched Network (NADIN MSN)
Description The National Airspace Data Interchange Network Message-Switched Network (NADIN MSN) is the portion of the global Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network (AFTN) within the USA domain. As such, it is connected to other countries’ AFTN switches and to service providers’ message switches (e.g., ARINC, SITA). AFTN enables the exchanges of vital information for aircraft operations such as distress messages, urgency messages, flight safety messages, meteorological messages, flight regularity messages and aeronautical administrative messages.

NADIN MSN (sometimes called NADIN 1A) is a store-and-forward telecommunication network. It provides its users the ability to exchange Service A (weather messages) and Service B (e.g., Flight Plans, NOTAMS) messages. It stores all Service B messages as required by ICAO. It forwards Service A messages to WMSCR. An example of a typical communication involving NADIN MSN is the transmission of Flight Plans from a NAS system like OASIS, or a domestic non-NAS system like Airline or BaseOps terminals, to a Host Computer.

There are two NADIN MSN switches, located at ATL and SLC NNCCs. These switches are interconnected by NADIN PSN. Users that are equipped with X.25 capability can access NADIN MSN through NADIN PSN. Users that are not X.25 capable and rely on legacy protocols need to access NADIN MSN through NADIN MSN concentrators, located at ARTCCs.

NADIN MSN Rehost (NMR) has recently been implemented. NMR allows users to access the MSN with the X.25 or IP protocols. Currently NADIN MSN and the NMR are functioning in parallel as users are being cut over to the NMR. NADIN MSN Concentrators were not involved in the NMR process. They will be decommissioned when their users migrate to IP services.

I know that is mostly highly technical stuff, but basically the controllers are not getting the basic flight plan info to work with. When you file a flight plan, no matter how, it runs through one of the hubs (SLC or ATL) and out into the network. They are supposed to back each other up, in theory.

The weather data to controllers is probably messed up, too.


Wife’s flight tonight (USA768, BOS to PHL) 1630 scheduled departure with 1800 arrival instead departed 1652 and arrived at 1751.

So, she left 22 minutes later than scheduled but arrived 9 minutes earlier. Maybe that computer should fail more often, or just be turned off!


Ha, no kidding. I was just looking at the flight delay map, and it looks okay now. Just the usual bad apples (somebody tell me this is funny) in New York, and the monster in Atlanta.

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Note that about 1/2 way down both the candidates for Pres. have chimed in…PLEASE keep these idiots out!!


This ended up not being a major event. In fact the airline I work for hit all of its systemwide on time and completion goals for yesterday.

The media loves to make mountains out of molehills where air travel is concerned.


Well, someone sure as heck should check out what the heck happened…because it seems that Hank Kratkowski, head of Air Traffic Operations, doesn’t know what the heck happened to NADIN just last week:

check out the whole post at FAA Follies, since I can’t get past some sort of “debug error” on a simple cut and paste.

Apparently, Hank claims its never happened to NADIN before,but it happened last year and then


But, Hank didn’t know that, apparently.


my buddy is a controller at chicago center and he said all controllers had to spend an hour retyping flight plans when this happened.


It was bad for us at Delta who pretty much had all our flights delayed except for our lovely KDAY-KCVG flights.

We were about to push back an ASA flight when we got a call that the flight had been delayed, I was so confused. Thank God CNN is on at the airports or else we would have never known what happened.


From Flying’s eNewsletter
Failed ATC Computer Due for Upgrade
Last month’s FAA computer overload that delayed hundreds of flights has been addressed, and the agency announced an update will be in place by year’s end. Memory upgrades are expected to improve reliability as early as next month, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal, which quoted Hank Krakowski, chief operating officer of the FAA’s Air Traffic Organization. The computer that failed was part of the National Airspace Data Interchange Network–the system that sends flight plans from one FAA facility to another for controllers to clear aircraft for departure. He said, “Our exposure to this will be much reduced.” The failure at the Georgia FAA facility was the first of its kind, according to Krakowski.