Pro Stick very touchy while attached to USB port

I don’t know if it is just my FA pro stick II, but it is very touchy to movement while connected to USB port. The slightest movement of the dongle causes FA software to reacquire antenna and MLAT. Has anyone used like RTV or silicon to “weld” it to the USB port to keep it from moving?


Did you try squeezing the connector on the stick a bit?

I remember having a similar issue with my Airspy. Pressing the Connector and reattaching it solved the problem.

What you can alternatively try is a short USB extension (good quality).
I am using this on one of my devices because both sides (Raspberry and Stick) are tighter now.

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I had this exact problem from day one with my ProStick Plus and Pi4. My solution? Put a small square of masking tape on one or both sides of the stick’s USB connector. It was enough to provide a snug fit and have had no issues since then.

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