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Pro Stick Plus combined with External SMA Filter?

That’s confusing. You will empty the content of the can tomorrow? Is that food stuff?
But the stick is already inside? No wonder is not working well :rofl:

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Leftovers. I thought you had to feed it with something. :grinning:

I was never happy with the stick’s performance. Whether I got a defective one or not, I don’t know. It’s history now.

One of my bias-T power inserter smoked yesterday. What a coincidence. Luckily I had another one ready.

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Customers outside of the USA can purchase the Pro Stick Plus from seller WiFi

I get decent performance with mine hung directly from my window curtain rod. Still I get a little better range with my roof mount which is somewhat hindered by a 100 ft run of LMR coax.
I had installed the roof antenna before the flight aware antenna was made available so I’m comparing DPD roof mounted antenna to flight aware in window here.

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