Private Flight Tracking Bug

If you try to track NGF0FC system returns “unable to find flight NGFFC” - drops the “0”!

Works for me.

Works for me.[/quote]

Try typing the tail number in the orange box on the left. I think that’s what the OP is talking about.

It drops the “0” when I try to track it that way.

OK this is strange.

I am using IE7. When I enter “NGF0FC” in the orange box, click “Track Flight” it works just fine.

When I click one of the links posted above. I have IE set to open up a new window. It shows the linked flight just fine. However, then I type the tail nunmber in the box of the newly opened window (or even just click the button to track with the number pre-filled in the form), I get the error message with the dropped “0”.



f, g. put on my glasses and I can see the difference!![/quote]