Prime Minister Gordo Brown


I know that PM Tony Blair charter BA 777s, what does Prime Minister Gordo Brown use for his flights (shorthaul/longhaul)?




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The Royal Air Force VIP fleet operate out of RAF Northolt, which is just north of Heathrow Airport, West of London. As with all Govt in UK, they can charter BA aircraft for long haul.

RAF Northolt . . . Google Earth

Aircraft currently in the VIP fleet,

ZR321 Augusta Westland A109E
ZR322 Augusta Westland A109E
ZR323 Augusta Westland A109E

ZD620 Hawker 700(CC3)
ZD621 Hawker 700(CC3)
ZD703 Hawker 700(CC3)
ZD704 Hawker 700(CC3)
ZE395 Hawker 700(CC3)
ZE396 Hawker 700(CC3)

ZE700 BAE-146-100(CC2)
ZE701 BAE-146-100(CC2)