Previous flights info unavailable

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Why is flight information for past international flights unavailable? I can se all flights in history but when I try to select it (cursor does not change into hand) I get a message that it has not departed yet!

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Simply because of the red text you see that states, “This flight takes place out of the FlightAwares service area.”

I have seen that message and I found out why for some flights there are complete information and for some not!
I can select a past flight that departed FAA airspace and get all info about it but if I try to select flight that departed somewhere else in the world there is a list of all flights but detailed info is not available!

If a flight is from outside FAA and is still “in-flight” info is visible and available but when it is completed that info is not saved. Why not?

could you post a specific example.

May help others find a solution.

FAQ’s don’t specifically answer your question other than the poor handling of int’l flights and I haven’t found a similar thread to yours in discussions.

could be many reasons or just one.

Most likely the times are wrong anyways from the International flights because like a thread before, it occurred out of FAs service area. Read the second post of that thread from Plane…

Let me state an example:

For Alitalia flight AZA618 from Europe (MXP-BOS) I would like to know its flight plan, altitudes, etc. If I look at a live flight at the same date that info is displayed and it is ok, but if I want to see that same info some day after that, the flight is displayed in activity log of past flights, but I can not select it (to see info like on live flight) and I get message at click: “This flight has not edparted yet. It will become available after takeoff.”

If I track return flight AZA619 (BOS-MXP) I could see (as I can select them) all info (plan, alt, etc.) also for listed past flights in activity log!

And it is the same for all other international flights…

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Flight Aware gets it’s data from the FAA. They only provide data for flights in the US!!!

There IS a simple answer, Matej.

I have seen AAL flights from Europe to KDFW on my area map, showing location, ground speed, and altitude, yet when looking for that specific flight, the flight history indicates it is not yet en route. I know, however, that it is about to land.

The flights show up on the maps because ATC is tracking them on radar. However, the overseas aviation authorities (over whom FA has no control) has not yet issued a ‘departure notice’. Therefore, “flight data” does not yet exist.

Evidently, in closing out the flight after landing, the FAA creates the departure notice along with the arrival notice. At that point, FlightAware gets the historical flight position information.

It’s a screwy situation, but FlightAware has positional information only after the FAA issues the data.

Basically just making what I said more complicated. :wink:

Yep, probably so.

Of course, Matej, I had completely missed the point that it was a Alitalia flight you were inquiring about. That went straight over my head.

As is well known and documented here, Alitalia does not allow the use of ANY electronic devices aboard its flights. This includes the PDI [Position Declaration Indicator] normally operated by the lat-lon fairy from his office in the baggage compartment on the plane.

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I’ve been using Flightaware to find flightplans from Europe and Asia to the US for months.

This has nothing to do with where the flight originates or radar tracks. Every airline flight has to file a flightplan.

For some reason non of this information is available anymore.

Seems like they blocked it for security reasons.

If I can’t get real world flightplans from Flight Aware this website is pretty much useless to me.

Similar thing happened at the RedOne aviation website.

FAA idiots.