Presenting my ADS-B Station

It is very quiet in this forum :slight_smile:

That’s why I want to present my ADS-B station. Location: Hamburg/Germany

SST Flightradar

how about your station ?



Interesting step change in number of aircraft and positions on your stats. Did you move the antenna or something?

Hi, thank’s for welcome !

Yes, in fact, I have upgraded.

I’ve changed a normal DVB-T stick against the “FlightAware Pro Stick Plus 1090MHz Ads-B” as well as the small DVB-T antenna against a TEN-90. The location of antenna has not changed. The result is overwhelming!



Where are you on your journey - just starting out or picking up after a break? Also interested to know how you decided on the hardware you have. I assume you use the mini-pc for something other than ADSB?

When I started out, I had a DVB-T TV stick with a Belling Lee connector ( IEC 61169-2) and a dipole made from of a bit of flex hanging from the curtain rail. But hey, we’ve got to start somewhere.

This is my current configuration:

Only change is that I now run VRS on a 4GB RPi.

Hi Dieter,

another german feeder, that’s good.
Your reception is already good.

But i do have a TEN-90 antenna here as a spare device.
This antenna still does not give full performance, even if the nominal values show that.

I am using two other antennas (Jetvision, Vinnant) both deliver an improvement of 10-20% compared to the TEN-90 from the number of reported positions.

So maybe you want to upgrade this, Christmas is coming soon :slight_smile:

What you also can do is enabling the heywhatsthat max range and the actual range.
That gives you an idea if you are already at the max based on your environment or not

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Hey technodevotee,

yep, restarted with adsb after a break. My first device was a PI2, starting in 2016. My way is same like your’s :slight_smile:

The decision for the mini-PC was easy. I am an IT technician and have access to a lot of hardware. The device is configured exclusively for the ADS-B operation. It operates without display and keyboard, I only administer via Console/SSH.

Your installation looks great ! For the future, I also plan an extension of my installation, with VRS and ACARS. But then I use another device with a screen and keyboard as well as a graphical surface.

Well thank you fellow IT Technician!

Actually, I am retired now but I like to keep up to date with as much stuff as I can.

I like to keep my ‘Radar Spotting’ gear separate from my ‘main’ computer systems though and find the Raspberry products adequate for the tasks at hand.

Have you ‘claimed’ your Flightradar account as I couldn’t see it on the stats page you linked.

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Hey foxhunter,

nice to meet a german citizen :slight_smile:

Thank’s for your hints ! The TEN-90 ist the first try with a better antenna then the DVB-T one.

Your antennas are great. But my problem is: I have no access to roof… :frowning:

I’m looking in south and east direction only, no roundsight. So the TEN-90 is the best option for me. But maybe in the future, I can change it :slight_smile:

I know about, that you are also a technican :wink: Your chart is excelent…


Yes Sir, I claimed my feeder :open_mouth:

What link we are talking about ? I linked several stats :frowning:

This one: Untitled

Oh, yes ! Got it.

I have created a wrong link. I corrected that, try again :slight_smile:

The link ran on the complete statistic, unfortunately you can not give a station there.

That’s better.

As @foxhunter said you’ve got good reception there - just a shame it is rather directional but there’s not much can be done about that.

I ended up with two receivers, each with their own antenna in a different part of the loft because of trees and houses blocking my view of the horizon. Unfortunately, the only place I could fit an antenna outside with a better outlook is inaccessible to me.

Yes, I will also install a second receiver to the east. Then at least I have a 270 ° coverage. More is not possible. Maybe in the future :slight_smile:

I actually like having two receivers because, apart from when they both go wrong as happened the other day, it means I can play with one without disrupting my feed too much. I can also compare the results of any tweaks against the other one.

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That’s my way too :slight_smile:

Both antennas are operating with better performance also indoor.
Currently my Vinnant is indoor as the outdoor device requires GPS which is delivered only by the Jetvision antenna.

But time will tell what you will do in future

I have one outdoor covering almost 360° and an indoor as backup device for verification.
An increase to the blue FA stick can also be an Airspy Stick in combination with an LNA/Filter.

But that requires another investment and i don’t know who is your financial minister at home :slight_smile:

Believe me, no antenna works indoor for me, pure concret all around :smiley:

The hint about Airspy stick sounds nice, think I’ll try it out. Did you have a special dealer ? (send it via PM)

Hey man, I‘m married. What you think who‘s the CFO ? :smiley:

Seriously, an invest in hardware for better results is okay for me. I‘m a technician… :wink:

They will outperform the TEN-90, believe me :slight_smile:

It was a more hypothetical question. Most of us do have this challenge.

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