practice your short field landings lately? … %20HI&vw=5

John in Saudi

Ahhh, that was a takeoff…

I wonder how well the G2 or the sundowner would do there?

Once would be my guess.

Wow- the that’s what I call a “landing strip” at cold meadows!

Moose Creek- I’d want more ponies if I was to fly into that.

This site is best used on a cold rainy or snowy day when you have nothing better to do than dream about the way flying should be!

John in Saudi

There are some great shots in the pictures section of Moose Creek, Id. Some surprising airplanes parked off in the bushes.

Ya John…dreaming is right. Seen a couple of places I’d like to build a small cabin and chill with a small single. Dont know about the Ford Tri-motor thing. :laughing:

Or the Aerostar.

It reminds me of flying in Alaska

I feel lucky to have had instructors in the past who insisted on lots of short field and, even more, crosswind landings-takeoffs. Now I really appreciate those lessons even more. I encourage all instructors to have your students do lots of crosswind and short field landing practice. If we practice more in adverse situations, a lot of everything else will be much easier, and maybe add to our competence levels.