posting of duplicate photos in the gallery

Hello Flight Aware. Enjoy your site tremendously. One thought: In browsing through the Houston Intercontinental airport photo gallery, I have noticed recently that there are several pages of duplicate photos of the same aircraft over and over. I am guessing that you post what the general public sends in order to be polite, but do you have the authority to cull some of the over-posting? Please don’t get me wrong! I am a life-long United (former Continental) customer, but how many photos of UA 737s and regional jets do we need? :unamused:
P.S. The most beautiful photo in the Houston gallery is the UA Dreamliner taking off with the full moon in the background. A close second is Air China’s “Smiling China” logo.

Unfortunately for the residents nearby IAH, most of the aircraft we see are United 737s and regional carriers. As one would suspect, that would be what most of the pictures are of. Over at the HOU page, there are many more GA photos as that is where the majority of GA aircraft fly into.

Appreciate the reply. With so many United flights at IAH, the other airlines kinda get lost in the shuffle. There some 16 or 17 foreign carriers that fly in and out of IAH (many of them every day), but a photographer needs to be right there when it happens, or the moment is lost to heavier traffic! Nevertheless, your photo gallery is a great one–as are the articles and news you cover. best wishes.