Post your PiAware setup



Not sure that what I see is a vent pipe which is doubling for your antenna mast.

If it is, you should remove the yellow cap.


hi chris,

thanx for being aware :slight_smile: but no - this is just the cap of the extension i bought and that sits on top of the very short pole of the satellite dish.


and even smaller …


Elegant, künstlerisch, zart, fabelhaft :+1::clap::butterfly::rose:


hahaha - vielen dank fuer die blumen abcd :grinning:
p.s. and inexpensive - pi zero w 10$, case 10$, dongle 20$, battery 10$, antenna+cables 15$ => 65$


Living at a top floor apartment (60 meters high). Just started with the optimized whip antenna, will make/buy a stronger one soon. :slight_smile:


cool :slight_smile: this was my first pi case, had the same ‘abcd’ modified antenna only difference my nooelec-dongle was light-blue and i used a small pink candy box where the magnetic antenna was mounted on


Haha nice! Yeah kudos to abcd567, the modification increased my coverage big time.


I have a pi3 running for capture and then use VRS on my windows machine to ease the load that using the PiAware Skyview brings about for some reason on my raspi. I left the browser open for an extended period of time 1 day and came back to a seized up raspi. It might not be correlated but since I stopped using the skyview page I have had no issues. The raspi still feeds flightaware and shares data with vrs when I have it running on my windows pc.

I don’t always keep VRS running as the range graphing is persistent and what I was mainly interested in using that certain feature. The photos of aircraft is also a nice feature in VRS. I simply put the VRS server offline when I don’t want to use it


for what it’s worth - finally found time to install the splitter in receiver-chain …


Can you post statistics before and after the installation of the splitter?


nope - because there was like here Swapped my RPi3 for a pi0W and destroyed my range! [SOLVED] nearly zero to document. of course i saw minimal decrease in messagerate (maybe 1-2%) as the both dongles feed back a little noise. but the -3,2 db the splitter reduces signal-strength behind the +15db the lna amplifies is not worth to mention. it’s nearly all about snr and that stays easily good enough for mode-s.

but you can see the statistics here:
splitter was installed today 27. sept. 2017 10:00-11:00 mesz (08:00-09:00 utc) and did some reboots over the day