Possible to add these callsigns?


Seems like FA is pretty damn good when it comes to callsigns, but here are some that it doesn’t recognize (and maybe others can add some more too?)

GTH is the 3 letter ID and the callsign is “Gotham”… Company is Meridian Air Charter out of TEB

GPD = Tradewind Aviaiton LLC… they go by “Goodspeed” and apparently they are from Oxford CT


I asked for some adding some time ago but nothing happened. Hope you have better luck. If the guys are reading this then I’m still requesting CXA, ANK, RAM, CSH, CDG and TOM.



Corey – added GPD but we don’t seem to have much from GTH.

RobK – The request has to come from the operator. Please see the relevant FAQ.


Oh. Mark disagrees :laughing: :

So what’s the deal? :confused:


I misunderstood your initial query.


Does the FAA (or whoever is responsible) have an online form to fill in by those airlines who wish to see their flights tracked? Eg. if an airline/operator contacted you asking for their flights to be tracked, what action would you take with the FAA?


All civilian flights are tracked except for business operators that wish to be blocked.


damiross: Foreign operators using a 3 digit ICAO code for their flights (and possibly domestic operators too, I’m not entirely clear on it) have to request to be included in the feed. This is a seperate issue from the NBAA BARR program.

RobK: I don’t know off-hand, but I assume the airline could talk to their contact at the FAA to find out the process. Given the low volume of such requests, I doubt there is a web form for it.