Possible missile launch over SW Florida 11/25/2010

This evening, at approximately 1825 EST, myself and 4 family members witnessed what appears to have been either a missile or rocket launch over southwest Florida. We were facing South, from southern Manatee County when we observed a large orange glow ascending straight up in the southern sky. We observed this for approximately 15-20 seconds before it disappeared above the cloud cover. From our best estimates, the object was in excess of 200 miles away from us. The cloud cover was approximately 3,000 to 5,000 feet. I immediately contacted KSRQ, the closest controlled airport. I was unable to reach anyone on the phone numbers listed. I finally did leave a message with Customs and Border Protection. I then called Manatee County Sheriff’s office, they transferred me to Sarasota County Sheriff’s office, who transferred me to Charlotte County Sheriff’s office. No one had reported this yet. Charlotte suggested I contact Ft. Myers FAA, who said they knew of no military drills or launches in the area. They suggested I contact KMIA ATC or KMIA operations. No luck there either. DHS operator transferred me (without even getting my full story) to the Tampa Police Dept, who knew nothing either. Anyone else see this or know of who to contact regarding this? There is no doubt in my, or anyone else who saw this that it was definitely a launch of some-sort. Too large for an airplane. I tried contacting a local newsroom, and was hung up on. After the incident in California not very long ago, this raises some very serious questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My direct e-mail is: Bhart.executiveservices@gmail.com.

It was ET going home.

How did you see something 200+ miles away at under 3000 ft?

I was asking myself the same thing

All of SF was covered by clouds Today. I know cause I flew over it.

Very, very interesting. But if I may:

This is grammatically incorrect. Remove “4 family members” to see why: “myself witnesses what appears to have been (etc.)” doesn’t make sense. Correct form would be “four family members and I witnessed (etc.)”

At the time, we had a patchy cloud cover. 200 miles was our estimate, due to it’s size and amount of time before we lost sight of it. Having watched many launches in the past from Kennedy Space Center-which is east of us, not due south-it looked very similar to past launches. Except this one was coming from the wrong direction.

The answer is obvious Mark:


:open_mouth: HEY I HAVE ONE OF THOSE!!! :laughing: :laughing:

Amazing how only he and his family saw it,as there dosen’t seem to be any other reports.


Actually there were earlier sightings in the area…

lecanadian.com/2010/11/26/florid … speed-ufo/

I stand corrected.


“Written by admin - November 26th, 2010 at 9:36 am”

That’s neither earlier nor a separate “sighting”, simply a repeat of something reported on a UFO spotter’s website, which may have been made by the OP.

You may sit again Doug.

My bad, thought the OP said they saw it on the 25th.

Possible missile launch over SW Florida 11/25/2010

First paragraph in the link I posted stated the couple saw theirs on the 22nd, I thought 22 came before 25, but then again I’m from the same state as Will :laughing:


I’m glad that everyone was more interested in my grammatical errors rather than my question. Before everyone wants to write this posting off as an off-the-wall item, has anyone seen the FlightAware article about the launching of a rocket carrying a satellite that occured from French Guiana? I just read the article. It would have been visible from where I/we were. Thank you to those who took me seriously, and didn’t think I was making this up. The whole reason I posted on this board was because I thought that with fellow aviation enthusiasts and air industry “professionals” I would actually get some real legitimate ideas as to what we saw. Thank you to those who decided to make light of this and make sure I don’t use this board again.

My turn for it to be “my bad”. I completely overlooked that portion of the report.

there is alot of activity …it should pick up;0

Remember that “missile launch” off the coast of southern California back in November that turned out to be a jet and its contrail.

That’s probably what you saw.

Or so some say…

Not to say our government would ever cover up something but…