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Possible Issue With UAL881 - KORD-RJAA

Looks like UAL881 returned to KORD after departure.


flightaware.com/live/flight/UAL8 … /KORD/RJAA

Would be interesting to find out what was what… They spend the whole time over the lake at 7700 ft… Pressurization issue show up that quick? Gear? Flaps even…

I found the LIveATC.net audio, but it was a one-sided comm with the departure controller. Never heard any UAL881 audio, only the departure controller. Plus, there are other departure frequencies on KORD Departure feed.


Probably dumping fuel over the lake.
The track log now just shows no history so I can’t compare the rate of climb to previous days. That’s a reasonably good way to rule out engines, gear and even flaps.
Otherwise could be any of 42,346 things.