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Possible color values for AirportDelays API

Hi, I’m trying to understand what colors the FlightXML v3 AirportDelays API can return and what they mean? Originally I thought that they were coming directly from the FAA airport status, but yesterday morning I noticed that SFO was orange on the FAA site but was reported as yellow in the AirportDelays API even though it had the same message as the FAA posting.

Thank you!

Data in AirportDelays does use FAA data as a possible source. However, color codes are not present in their source data and are a display decision on their map.

The color code presented in AirportDelays is based on the size of the delay of the delay with the colors green, yellow or red.

On the FAA map page orange is used to represent a case where flights are delayed at origin, but doesn’t consider how large the delay is expected to be.

Thanks, @dogrock! Can you share what the color breakpoints are? Something like this would be very helpful:

An airport is yellow when there’s any delay and then yellow becomes red when the delay exceeds X minutes