Possible airline merger's

What airlines do you think will try to merge now that Delta and Northwest are merging?

Not that I’m an airline expert or anything… I’m sure someone will provide feedback on these possibilities:
Frontier & Spirit
jetBlue & Virgin America

And for all you NAFTA fans out there… How bout WestJet (Canada), Southwest (USA) and Aeromexico (Mexico)? They could call it AeroSouthWestJet! They all fly 737-700’s :smiling_imp:

The only place AA could get a little bigger is in the west. Outside of that, they have a huge presence and is why I say NO to AA merging with anyone. They may gain in a Delta/NWA or UA/US merger that will mean divesting parts of those airlines. The most likely candidate therefore would be Alaska but I say no to AA merging with anyone.

I think Frontier and Spirit would compliment each other. They both operated Airbus aircraft. Not too many routes, if any, overlap.

I’m not really too sure about a JetBlue/Virgin America match. One thing it would do is to eliminate competition because both airlines are generally in the same markets, even if they serve those markets through different airports.

This might mean that Frontier would have to go back to painting “SPIRIT of the West” on their planes again…

Frontier and Spirit’s Airbuses have different engine suppliers, meaning the fleets could never be fully consolidated.

Also, I don’t see either carrier having the financial strength to acquire the other.

JetBlue would rather choke out Virgin America until they die (which might not be too far off) than spend money acquiring them.