Positions Reported Last 24 Hours vs. PR Trailing 24 hours


I would highly appreciate, if someone could explain me the difference between the two following terms:

Positions Reported Last 24 Hours
Positions Reported Trailing 24 hours

I just don’t get it, sorry. :blush:

For my excuse, I’m not a native english speaker. :wink:

Trailing means something like you drag something behind you, right? Positions Reported Last 24 Hours must be just the value at a specific point of time, within the last 24 hours, but what about ‘trailing’?



It means the prior 24 hours.

Thank you very much! :smiley:



I feel like I’m missing something here as I still do not understand. Maybe an example, please.

Right now I’m thinking the last 24 hours is the same as the prior 24 hours or trailing 24 hours. If I’m look at the chart for noon on Wednesday, the last 24 hours period would have started at noon on Tuesday right? When does the trailing 24 hour period begin in this example? Thanks

Last 24 hours- now to 24 hours ago.
Trailing 24 hours - 24 hours ago to 48 hours ago
Trailing 7 days now - 7 days to now - 8 days.
I think…