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Position of aircraft not the same after double-click

I notice that sometimes the position of an aircraft varies greatly depending on which mode I look at it. The first time I thought maybe I got confused. But this time I took screenshots.

The following screenshots were taken within seconds of each other.

(A) screenshot of the main display, when one enters the site shows an airplane, AAL1253 and a helicopter.

(B) screenshot after double-clicking AAL1253, one gets to a screen specific to AAL1253.

We notice that the two positions for the same flight are far apart. Moreover, I kept following the general version (A) for a while, and the flight keeps going always due North and always at the same altitude and speed. (9700 326) at the same time that on the other screen, it’s due East, almost cruising (26900, 564).

Anyone with a theory why this happens?

(A) General.png - Google Drive

(B) Specified.png - Google Drive

Using links because system doesn’t let me attach two images

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