Pop up ad music? Really?

I got an add on the lower banner - next thing I know it is blasting music (on the main screen)…is this normal? I know the ads are served and the nature of a free site…just curious

We don’t allow ads that autoplay audio; audio is only allowed after you interact with the ad. We don’t screen every ad prior to it appearing on the site, so some slip through despite our policies with the ad network.

What was the ad for? Do you know who it was served by? Either or both of these will make it easier for us to block the offending ad.

If I get it again I will screen shot it - it narked out the fact that I was not paying attention in a seminar 8)

I get one that talks at me about skiing in Breckenridge. Pretty sure I don’t interact with it before it starts making noise.

Here is the offending ad -

We blocked them through some networks, trying to find where they’re running through.