Plot 256 degree course on a USA map

I am looking for a website that has a map of the USA that I can plot a course on (online). I am interested in what cities and towns are along a 256 degree route from my house.


Ok, I have to ask. Why 256? (And I am being serious. I really would like to know why 256)

You can use which contains aeronautical maps. You would need to know where you are in relationship to the airport and you can plot a plan using the right mouse button. With a little guess work on heading, you can get it down to the degree. On the right side of the screen it will give you heading and distance for what you plot.

It will be helpful for you to know the GPS coordinates of your house to get it down to a complete science.

It took me very little time to get the exact heading of 256 from my house and when putting the second way point, a blue line was drawn.

Not 257 or 255?

If he lives on a 14 E variation line, 256 would be due west.

Oooo a brain teaser… Magnetic course will create an interesting line depending on origin and distance. And true course will provide a different result entirely…

Hitch. Thanks for the email explaining the 256. Just a little thought, when replying to someone’s question, feel free to put the reply on the board and not send an email to the person.

That being said, is it OK if I post the email you sent to me on here? ("I’m at least going to give the OP that much)

Okay pika! Tell us what was in that email.

Thanks for the help guys. And for the knuckheads, you gave me a few ideas too.