Please Delete this Photo

This photo does not belong to, nor did

Submitter :slight_smile: kevans (Registered Member - Member Since 2006) (photos)

take this photo

Please Remove Immediately!

John Padgett … 1021921/L/

Why do you want to delete it? Good pic. You have your reasons though, so you can tell me none of your bees wax. :slight_smile:

Becuz the pic belongs to John Padgett. Not Kevans, and he submitted it without the copyright label. As so it seems. But hey I could be wrong.

Ohhh. :unamused:

Seems to be a pattern for this user

Done (and a few others).

many thanks. I know it’s difficult to police photos that are uploaded and I appreciate your quick response.

Good people working FA. :slight_smile:

please delete this one as well. thanks! … tes/page/1 … (ERJ-135LR/1170428/L/

Hi John. Beautiful photos. Good luck keeping them your own!

…and just like that, I began to realise that my candid shots and attempts at aircraft photography is not so bad after all.