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Please advise Pi4 2G

This is how I cool my Pi, huge 12V fan gently running @ 7VDC, practically no noise and much better cooling.


Without wishing to sound rude - but what passes for “really really hot” in Scotland?

Pi 4’s do run hotter than previous models, so heatsinks are well advised (and helpful when your fan fails).

At least there was a series at the beginning with massive temperature problems, but these should be sorted meanwhile. A friend of mine “lost” his first device due to heat.
However good cooling is always advised.

My device runs outdoor where we have +35°C or even more as peak. I never brought mine with active Armor cooling higher than 65°C…
I would be surprised if Scotland is really really hotter

This is the current temperature with a connected Airspy and a setting using 80% of a single core CPU

OK cheers for the replies. Right now I don’t have a fan because of the AIS hat in the way of the board.

I am only going by the 70- 74c warnings I keep receiving through the piaware settings page and assume I should apply either heatsinks or a fan soon?
On touching the casing of the pi 3 it is hot to touch.
The “really really hot” is contrary to the really really cold weather we normally face here :slightly_smiling_face:

I am considering transferring my 3B setup over to my pi4b argonone and placing the AIS hat on a gpio extension cable (I have to do this because the argon case prevents me from mounting the AIS hat straight to the GPIO)
At least if I do it this way the pi /FA dongle will be cooled by the argon Fan hat.

Just wanted to see what you guys thought?
Are the 70-74c warnings normal at times then?

Managed to acquire this fan from a broken ps3… after much unscrewing and prising apart, maybe this will do if I can find a suitable 12v 2A psu for it?

Thanks again everyone

HeHe! That’s what I thought :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

74C is hotter than I’d like for mine, but it is below throttling temp, so it should be ok.

Your fan may be rated 12V, but it you have a variable PSU (you other hobbys suggest you might), you can see what voltage it will reliably start - it may be fine at 5V and be silent too.

I repeat myself using an Armor case. This is available in two flavors. One passive and the other one with active fans. These can be connected to 3 and 5V which changes the speed and therefore the noise

The whole case is the heatsink and i think that makes it pretty efficient

Four, not two.

The ‘bikini’ version finishes behind and flush with the connectors (RJ45 & USB).
The ‘one piece’ is full size and covers the connectors (my preferred style).

Either is good, but I like full length style, but it doesn’t expose the GPIO header.
The downside is none are suitable if you want use a hat.


Did not think about that, good point. I was focussed on the “bikini” version only.
I like this term, will use it from now on :rofl:

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Not all of them. The new Joy-it ones don’t have that option

For sure, the fans have two connectors. Some are joined in one piece, but can be splitted by short extension cables.

Or if you are brave enough, cut them right above the connector.
It’s more difficult, but not impossible.

And it’s not a problem of Joy-it. Many others selliong the cases and fans with different connectors. Some of us have luck, others not.

I have two of these, one with a joined connector, the other one with two individuals