PLANES Reported figure dropped down.


I have ADS B equipment. Once after an Internet failure for 2 days, when restored, the daily average POSITIONs reported restored to about 58000. However, PLANES reported figure suddenly dropped to half (450 a day )… Is anything wrong…with the Unit…?


Your stats look normal. See here: ads-b-flight-tracking-f21/changes-to-ads-b-aircraft-stats-starting-18-december-t36499.html


OK… Thanks…


My stats have also dropped since the change was made mid December. What I have found is that the planes from HFDL (ACARS) are no longer reported. They where reported before the change. I and using Plane plotter with a beast receiver for ADS and PC-HFDL for HF ACARS. Plain plotter displays both.


Ah, yes, that was a separate change. The ACARS data isn’t reliable enough for what FA needs; only ADS-B data is used now. (It was accidental that the ACARS data was used in the first place…)


My stats too have dropped greatly

Did something get changed?


I’d check your antenna connections etc.