PlanePlotter Mobile (PPm) is here for Android users

PlanePlotter Mobile (PPm) is here for Android users.

Since many FlightAware Feeder users are uploading using the PlanePlotter Software, or other PP Feeder software.
You can now watch all the air traffic on your android devices including military,private business jets. None of the aircraft are blocked on it.

Take PlanePlotter with you wherever you go
PlanePlotter mobile gives you access to COAA’s PlanePlotter sharing server on your Android device.

Transform your mobile device into a virtual radar screen, with plane positions updated in real time
Existing Master Users (MUs) may view positionless aircraft (e.g. military, private) by using MLAT with their PP MU licence!

This is a great PlanePlotter viewer companion for Android 4+ devices, providing access to the PlanePlotter servers wherever your mobile data plan extends.

You don’t need to be running Planeplotter to see Mlatted aircraft if you pay the sub to COAA by the way

However, with PPm alone, you will not be able to select which aircraft you want Mlatted … ges/101070

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