PlanePlotter feeds get lower reports per aircraft


Why do PlanePlotter reports rate less than direct RPi feeds? Antennas for these sites have a similar coverage but PP feeds produce only about half the reports.

site - sharecode - average reports per aircraft over last 15 days
141 - Eb PP feed 54
287 - yr PP feed 57
9329 - Ic PP feed 53

2827 - Rpi PiAware feed 98


Most of the plane plotter stats I have seen seem to have zero mlat aircraft.


It is my understanding PlanePlotter MLAT data cannot be shared with FlightAware due to restrictions put in place by the developer.
Was never able to share MLAT back when I first got into this and ran PlanePlotter before moving on to PiAware. Not sure but seems I read about the inability somewhere correct me if I am wrong…


Yep. See


Aside from the mlat thing, the short answer is that Planeplotter sites have a lower report count per aircraft because, for the same messages received, Planeplotter usually produces fewer reports (after deduplication) than piaware does. (Yes, I know that’s a bit of a tautology).

Each report is a summary of recent aircraft data. Neither Planeplotter nor piaware feed every single message individually to FA. Planeplotter uses different rules to piaware for how often it reports data.