Plane registration codes - dump1090-mutability

Probably best pointed at obj - Are the aircraft registration codes dependant on piaware (or something else) running?

I have dump1090-mutability running on its own aggregating data from other sources (–net-only + socat) but the registration codes aren’t showing, whereas the same version running on a system also running piaware shows the registration.

The registrations get pulled from a bunch of static json files that are served from /var/cache/dump1090-mutability/db/. The lighttpd config maps that to /dump1090/db. It needs to be accessible at a relative URL of db/ relative to the main map page. The json files are (re)generated by a cronjob that downloads the VRS sqlite DB and extracts registrations from there (you can use other sources too with a bit of tweaking to the extractor)

Probably the second dump1090 doesn’t have access to the json files in the right place (maybe it’s using the internal webserver? the DB doesn’t get served by that…)

There’s the answer!

I’ve got apache running on that system and hadn’t got round to sorting out the alias settings to use that rather than the internal webserver. Thanks!

I also didn’t have that setup.

Was /db added in newer versions?

It’s one of the changes added in 1.15~dev