PLane in the air, not showing departed


EGF9804 XNA-MIA departed XNA at 1553Z on 28JUL10 and as of 1621Z still shows SCHEDULED DEPARTURE on XNA and does not show airborne. … /KXNA/KMIA

EGF3338 XNA - DFW was airborne at 1540Z and FA still shows it as scheduled to depart. … /KXNA/KDFW


Kinda in the same area, UA988 from DEN-LAX is showing on the map over AZ, however the “timer” is correct and I am looking at the aircraft taxiing to the gate at LAX. Are the maps “frozen”? … /KDEN/KLAX


It looks like tracking stopped around 0930am CT (1330Z)


We’re in the middle of a service interruption, we expect it to be back soon.


Works for me (the answer, not the maps…yet).



The news announcement does not (did not) show up at the top when I was not logged in.

I can replicate this problem by logging out, then clicking log in and when you see the two fields to log in, the link in red letters do not re-appear.

It just happened to be that I was at that screen where the two fields were displayed ready for me to log in.

MSIE 7.0 is the browser flavor of the moment

Also it may be helpful for the regulars if you post it to the forum side too as most don’t log in the flight aware side to access the forums.