Plane I saw at LGA that I want some info on


I saw what looks like a Boeing 777-300ER taxiing toward the start of the runway at La Guardia on June 11, 2013, at around 0805 Eastern time. I have tried to get some info on it, but I couldn’t see it well because I got a picture of it from my Expressjet flight to ALB; I haven’t come up with anything on it yet. Here’s the link to the pic:

Any help/info is appreciated.


I can’t imagine a 777 at LGA. The picture is a ways away. I think we can rule it out as a 777, now at JFK or EWR there will be a bunch.


What else might it be?


It’s about the same size many of the other planes, so probably a 737 sized plane.


Many many moons ago I did ATL-LGA on a DL 767-200.

Probably 757 or A321. Or as above just a 73