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Piper tracking not or sporadic

OK, I followed the instructions and it now reports “45”.

I have maxed out on the number of replies I am allowed on my first day. The forum told me to wait 17 hours. I had to login as my alter ego because I did not want you guys to think that I am just ignoring you!

Great. Now watch your piper to see if the situation has improved i.e. it stays visible continously, or at least longer. If longer, you may try a still lower value of gain like 40 and observe.

WHUT? Never heard of that. When you SSH into your raspberry pi, you’re computer is talking only to your RPI. It does not have restrictions as how many times you “talk” to it…

Awesome! I sure learned a lot today :sweat_smile:
You guys are great! Much appreciated!

KB4ERT, not the PI, this forum! I signed up today and apparently on the first day you are restricted to so many replies. That’s why this is a different login (cabaer vs. carbaer).

Awwww! I wasn’t aware of that. ENJOY your new hobby. It’s really addicting! I started about 3-1/2 years ago, and I have WAY TOO much time and money invested in this. I love it!!!
KB4ERT, Bert near Charleston SC…

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