Piper Suspiciously Ends Up In Tree...


Probably another financial consultant.

He couldn’t afford ramp fees. Trees are free!

That’s actually the same exact thing I was thinking too - that he bailed out somewhere. Still, what are the chances of the plane ending up in a tree in pretty much one piece?? I wish I could find a photo…

The pilot is building time!

Someone told the guy you log flight time from the time the wheels leave the ground until the touch the ground again.

Frank Holbert

He really was “logging” time, wonder how he will enter that flight in his “log” book?

Maybe he was flying for the military. I wonder which “BRANCH”? - being a paratrooper, I guess it was an Army.

Haha - you guys sure are on a roll. I wonder if they’ll ever get to the “root” of what happened? nyuck nyuck…

Falling Leaf stall??? :open_mouth: