Piper Arrow crash claims Father and Son

Appears that a VFR rated pilot took off with a 300 foot ceiling, overcast, 2 mile visibility and perhaps tried to return to the airport. Sad situation.

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Another tragic accident that didn’t need to happen if common sense had been used.

That is very sad. VFR pilot in IMC. Not good… :unamused:

Wouldn’t the Piper have to break up in flight to have a wing end up over 300 feet from the fuselage? Witnesses say the plane was flying low in circles so the impact wasn’t hard enough to send a wing that far away…I wouldn’t think.

State Police Sgt. Stephen Jones said the plane crashed at a steep angle and most of the plane and the shattered debris were in a confined area of the woods. However, a wing of the plane was found more than a football field away, he said.

Another article with photographs.

Art Reale, a friend of Lasowski who is also a pilot based at the Woodbine airport said Lasowski was not an instrument rated pilot a requirement to fly in bad weather. “Nobody should have been up flying today”, he said “He went up, probably realized he made a mistake and tried to circle in the crosswinds to come back to the runway and got disoriented,” said Raele, when asked what he thought was the cause of the accident.

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That’s the impression I got when I read the story. Sounds like the dude got the leans and broke his plane.

Sounds plausible.

I know what the “leans” are but what do you mean by broke the plane…overstressed wings?

First people are guessing that it was 300ft, if you point the nose down at 3 or even 500 ft with cruise power it wouldn’t take long to go fast. and 300 feet is only 100 yards, thats a soft sand wedge. if you look 300 feet is not that far for something going 100+ MPH.

I bet if you were at 120kts and pulled that AC into a 90 degree turn you’d stall before you tore a the elevator or off, (it’d come off before a wing)


“Witnesses said it appeared that the plane was doing some kind of aerobatics due to the circles it was making.”

That’s a common observation from witnesses just before a disoriented pilot crashes.

This is my thinking as well. Witnesses said he was circling before he went down behind the trees. I guess that could have been a spiral they saw. :question: