Pilots roll an ATR-500 360 degrees . . . photos . . .


ATR may have been damaged in ‘barrel roll’,

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probably not very many types that haven’t been rolled by somebody.


just like ol’ Tex in the 367-80 prototype doing the barrel roll, apparantly this is the conversation he had with Mr Allen:

The plane lands at Boeing field and Tex gets out and starts to walk away from the plane. A Boeing official runs over to Tex and tells him Mr. Allen wants to see him now. Mr. Allen is the president of Boeing.
So Tex heads off across the street to the Boeing Exec offices and into Mr. Allens office.
Tex walks in. Mr Allen from behind his desk says “How are you Tex…Hows the family”? Tex answers the boss.
Mr Allen the says “I hear you rolled the plane today, Tex”.
Tex says quietly…“Yes sir I did”.
Mr Allen answers…“Don’t do it again…Bye Tex…say hello to the wife…”.

Tex then later explained the reason saying it was to show the planes capabilities


Which Gulfstream feels the best in a roll?


I bet ya never rolled a blimp…


actually i rolled a blimp when i was 6, …
it was a model


Highly unlikely, the G loading is what, 1.5Gs? 2 absolute max?

Sounds like a case of hyperbole seasoned with a dollop of FUD.


The story in Tex’s own words…


Highly unlikely, the G loading is what, 1.5Gs? 2 absolute max?


If done right it’s a 1G maneuver


Sorry, impossible.


Nose up 15 degrees then start a slow roll. 1G manurer. If you snap roll an airplane you’ll get massive G’s


Hoover added a flourish to the act by pouring a cup of tea from a Thermos, while performing a slow barrel roll (a 1G maneuver). Video of this has been widely distributed, to the pleasure of Aero Commander enthusiasts.


Ole Tex disagrees, states clearly toward the end of the above linked video “it’s a 1-G maneuver”…Possible.


Thanks Deef1999-. I knew my degree in Aviation Science would come in handy someday.


You can’t tell what Bob is pulling in the Commander while pouring tea other than that he’s not pulling negative Gs.


If you count the entry and exit you need more then 1 G to start the climb at the beginning and to recover from the descent at the end. Otherwise the flight path wouldn’t curve upwards from level. Also most people prefer less then 1g in the middle, maybe 0.25 to .5g.

From another forum:

[quote]I’ve done some acro from my GA days, and a barrel roll is actually hard to PROPERLY execute at 1 G (but easy to do sloppily).

It’s not hard, it’s impossible. Properly or improperly. Sloppily or neatly.

Here’s a public challenge: I want to hear somebody’s description of how to fly a barrel roll at 1G all the way around. (Hey I’d love to hear it… my job is doing acro with non-pilots at the lowest possible G) If it passes muster, I will find Martha King at Oshkosh, run up on stage, tussle her afro, and then french kiss her.

Now that’s some serious confidence!


WTF? It’s a 1G maneuver . If you want to get picky for a split second it could be a 1.25G maneuver.
The entire discussion was started because someone Rolled an ATR (that was finaly caught on tape I’m sure it wasn’t the first time it’s been done.)
Why are we fighting about this? it’s dumb.


I’m having a difference of opinion with a knowledgeable opponent, no fighting occurring on my side.


If the pic above depicts what I believe is a barrel roll (camera angle can be deceiving in determining pitch), it’s impossible to maintain 1G during the pitch up stage.

Aileron roll is a different beast but still requires a pitch up maneuver that will induce positive G’s.

The way I see it, the entire maneuver includes the pitch up stage which doesn’t appear to me would be a 1 G maneuver.

wikifaq.com/Aerial_Acrobatics_FAQs for difference of rolls (Wiki references are always subject to errors so use accordingly…

This comes from a NON acro pilot for what it’s worth.