Pilot navigates C210 by cellphone after electrcal failure

Electrical problems begin within minutes of take-off, the pilot, Dr. Stanly Heckrodt, contacts Houston Air Route Traffic Control Center via cell phone.

News Story

flightaware.com/live/flight/N210 … /KVCT/KSAT

He had no ALT? is that C210 RVSM?

why would a cessna 210 have RVSM?

The story said he lost all electrical including his Altimeter. An ALT in a C210 is static driven, not electrical.
I was being cynical when i asked if his airplane was RVSM, as an RVSM ATL is DC electric like this one…

Typical media misinterpretation/distortion of the facts… :unamused:

Hey Fly…didnt you fly 210s for Flt Express?

Interesting…FL450 and haulin ass at 430 knots…that just wouldnt happen to be an LJ would it? :laughing:

Yeah I have a “little” time in the C210.

That’d be my favorite LJ35 of the two we have

Isn’t that what you hit the duck in? :smiling_imp:

“Hey, PETA! We got a guy over here that kills ducks with airplanes!”

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Actually, it was a duck trying to kill a guy in an airplane. A relative of this guy:


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