Pilot Health Insurance Denial

This year my health insurance was up for renewal. Discovered that this year many companies ask specifically if you are pilot, if you have flown in the last 2 years, what kind of plane etc. Vista, Aetna, Humana and Blue Cross & Blue Shield all denied me. Contacted AOPA, and they told me that they are aware of it and will check on it. Did not hear anything back. Here is one of the emails I got back from my H. Insurance agent: “Ever since our President changed the laws in health care, the question of being a pilot now makes your application unacceptable. It is an automatic decline on Aetna, Coventry etc. The company wants to know if you are still flying as a pilot?
I need your instructions.”
I’m not making it up, and looks like it will spread more?

I was denied by IHC (now select health) because I traveled out side of their coverage area for 95% of my job. I had my job title changed to flight mechanic, no problem. So apparently a mechanic working around chemicals and engines rotors ect… is in a better health group than a pilot that gets a medical every 6 months and doesn’t get the hazard exposure that an A&P does.

We then got American general as a group and they didn’t care. We did need to get travel gap insurance from Peterson Intl. for most of our international ops, but that would needed with any coverage.

However, all said, I am not a pilot anymore. I am a transportation manager.

when it comes to for profit private health or life insurance companies, their SOP is to blame escalating rates on the government, doctors, hospitals or lawyers and juries; everyone else except them taking care of business and their bottom line. :smiling_imp:

everyone in this world is a businessman.whether there is healthcare or business.If there is no profit there is no business.

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If there is no profit there is no business.

and that is why health insurance / care should not be operated as a for profit business, and there are plenty of not for profit health insurance / care providers in this world, for example Kaiser Permanente.

and Kaisers rate’s are not that much cheaper than anyone elses . . … proof that not for profit does not make that much of a difference in this business