Pilot/Co Pilot

Not activity related but know you guys will have the answer…

In a car, the driver (Pilot) is located in the left seat and co pilot would be the passenger in the right seat.
Was watching a video tonight with my little guy on helicopters and it said the pilot sits on the right and co pilot on the left.
Was wondering if this is standard seating arrangements for aircraft?

The captain usually sits on the left, but the pilot flying a segment can be either the captain or the co-pilot.

In helicopters the seating arrangements are normally reversed, as the OP noted. This is because the critical hand flying is the right hand on the cyclic, the left hand is on the collective (pitch) control. Releasing the right hand to attend to radios, etc. in the center stack will easily result in an out of control aircraft, ergo it was decided to place the pilot in the right seat which frees the left hand to attend to switch flipping. The collective is much less affected by being released in flight and both the collective and throttle are normally fitted with friction locks providing the ability to fly hands-off for extended periods.

An exception to this is when your working a long line, Fire bucket, etc. Then the pilot flies the helicopter from the left seat because they spend most of the flight leaning out the door looking down and it is easier to lean over the collective than have a surgeon extend your left arm a foot. Also most helicopters used often for external loads have critical flight instruments duplicated in the door and radio switching on the cyclic to allow the pilot to focus on the load.