PIAWARE with Radarbox Flightstick

Hi all,
just for trying it out I’m setting up a second raspi with a Radarbox Flightstick (green) attached. DO I need to insert a driver for that stick?

Thanks, Marcus

normally that isn’t needed, it should work out of the box


im using the green stick on my pi4 . worked right out of the package . when i added the red stick i had to serialize the dongles , but if you are just using the green one it was plug and play .

Color of dongle (black, orange, blue, green, white, silver, red, yellow, etc etc) or make of dongle (generic, flightaware, radarbox24, rtl-sdr blog, nooelec, etc etc) has nothing to do with serialization. The rule is:

  • One dongle plugged into RPi: no need to serialize.
  • More than one dongle plugged into RPi: must serialize