PiAware track does not match FlightAware track


I am new to this and find it interesting. I was looking at flight tracks detected by my PiAware. When I clicked on a particular airplane icon it showed the flight was available in FlightAware. When I clicked on the FlightAware link in PiAwaredto see the flight track in FlightAware, the flight in FlightAware is no where near the flight picked up by PiAware. For instance, I am near RMN (Stafford VA) and a flight was traversing SW to NE. When FlightAware displayed what it thought was this flight, it displayed a flight between two airports in TX. I found may of these. I should mention that none of them were airlines. They were all N-numbers for GA airplanes, so far. One was a Bellanca Viking. PiAware showed it at 16,000 feet. I know a Bellanca would not be flying at that altitude.

Just wondering.


The link is done by callsign, which is fairly unreliable.

(It’d be nice to be able to link by ICAO…)


Some aircraft that you see on your local dump1090 web page might not be displayed by FlightAware by default, particularly if they are operating VFR without an FAA flight plan (which would generally mean they are GA airplanes). Ensure that your FlightAware account settings have enabled display of position-only flights (near the bottom of flightaware.com/account/manage ) if you want to see them on our website.

FYI, The Bellanca Super Viking has a service ceiling of 20,000 ft. Obviously supplemental oxygen is required. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bellanca_ … _Viking.29