PiAware temporality locking up breifly every minute

PiAware Locking up every minute or so. I have been noticing lately a pause in positions processed from one of my PiAware sites. Looking at the PiAware Status running 55% load at off peak traffic. And 50.3 C. Then for a couple seconds it locks up and all four indicators on the PIAware status screen (1090 Radio, PiAware, FlightAware, MLAT) turn red for a few seconds. A message that “PiAware does not appear to running!!!” pops up, a few moments later it all clears up, back to green and positions start processing again. It does this cycle about every minute.

I am running the base Raspberry Pi Zero W.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Do you have other programs running on the Pi Zero W ? Something else that could occupy the USB bus ?

What does the piaware log tell you ?
It’s located at /var/log/piaware.log

issue the following commands

cd /var/log
tail -n 100 piaware.log

This will show you the last 100 lines of the log, maybe it will tell us something.

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If you have a spare SD card, burn a clean image and see if the behaviour persists.

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