PiAware Status: 1090 Radio in RED

We recently bought a 1090 MHz PiAware ADS-B kit (1090MHz PiAware ADS-B Kit – FlightAware) and attempted to set it up. After going through all the steps and powering the Pi ON, we noticed that everything was green under “PiAware Status” except MLAT. However, in just a few minutes, “1099 Radio” also turned RED. I have tried to power OFF and ON a few times and it is still RED. The Pi has been ON for nearly 7 hours already and “1090 Radio” is still RED. Does anyone know what I may be missing? Our Antenna is placed closer to a window FYI.

OK, I have an update. I set up the antenna on our roof and now, we see flights as expected. However, there are issues with MLAT. It is YELLOW with a message “Local clock source is unstable”. All others are GREEN. Any idea?

Maybe your clock or your location isn’t set correctly.
This will cause issues with MLAT.

See this page for checking the clock

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