Piaware skyview outside of LAN


Hello, I’m using a pi zero w. I love being able to see only my data(not a fan of the app since it doesn’t say what receiver is picking up the plane.) Anyway to see Skyview outside of my lan? I tried my IP with :8080 and it says forbidden. Thanks




You will have to forward a port on your router. Procedures vary by make, but somewhere in the admin panels of your router you will have to forward a external port to your Pi-IP port 80. You would then access it by http:your-external-IP:whatever-port-you-choose-to-forward. Note that anyone who knows, or finds, this will be able to access your Pi.

There are more sophisticated ways to do this with a proxy web server but that requires you to run another web server.


You should try dataplicity. It has wormhole option, to open securely port 80 without forwarding. Personally I´m using zerotier, needs more config but its robust.