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PiAware/skyView outages

I have an R-Pi 3 B + running dump1090-fa. When I reboot, it receives ADS-B signals for about an hour to two hours. At that point, the airplanes one by one, disappear from skyView. I tried changing the gain and checked all the connection. It doesn’t seem to be that, and it also doesn’t seem to be a weather problem? Can someone help?

Most likely a power problem.

Try a 5.2 V power supply for the RPi (RPi 3 official power supply)
Or you can try connecting the dongle via a powered USB hub.

Or you can just try other power supplies and check if it works better, or try another cable connecting the power supply and RPi, shorter is often better.

I have the R-Pi plugged into an iPhone wall charger that outputs 5.4v. The pi does display the under voltage message though.

So you have your answer.
That 5.4V rating might be a maximum output that is only used when requested by the Iphone being charged.

Try another cable?

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I tried another cable and it still displayed “Under-voltage detected!” ( x000005000005)

Already wrote what i recommend:



+1 for Pi power supply, made the under voltage warning go away for me.


If you are using phone chargers they will not work with the Pi, you need a Pi power adapter. Phone chargers are designed to be used by the phones circuity calling for different power levels depending on the % of battery charge. They do not output a constant 5v and full wattage all the time. You need something that does, highly recommend you spend the money and get the OFFICIAL power adapter, it makes life so much better!

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You have two conflicting pieces of information there.

This question is asked about once a week. As above; phone charges are (for the most part) not a viable solution.

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I run two PiAware systems, both on Pi Zeros. Both powered by phone chargers. I have very little problems with either.

The Zero takes very little current and consumes around 40 mAmps to power both the Zero and the ADS-B tuner.


That sounds very low.
'Pi.org suggest a Zero will idle around 100 mA.. The RTL will add another 100~150mA.
How are you measuring it?

I’ve had my own share of failures, both brand name and ‘other’. After working fine for months, the output sagged to the point the Pi would boot, but the RTL would not work reliably.

My mistake, left off a zero, should read 400-450 mA

Measured with a USB volts and amps throughput display.


I have a R-Pi 3 as well. Because it did not come with a power supply I used a Netgear power supply that came with a router that I did not use. I been using it reliably now for 3 years. It’s rated at 5V 1A.

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