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PiAware SD card reading on my PC - shows 2 drives

I was having trouble with one of my PiAware receivers so I took out the SD card and put it into my PC. When it is read it shows as 2 drives, D: and G: One has the files I imaged onto the card in the boot folder, the other is blank. I am not sure what is going on here, does anyone have any suggestions? Basically I would like to reformat and reimage, but which do I format, how can I get this to be seen as a single drive?


The image has two partitions. The first (boot) partition is FAT32, your D: drive. The second (root) partition is an ext4 filesystem which Windows does not understand. It’s still one physical device.

Don’t format either; you need to reimage the whole device which will recreate both partitions. Imaging tools e.g. etcher will know how to do this automatically since they work with the whole device, not the individual partitions.

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Thank your for your quick response. Well, I already formatted both, so that ship has sailed. I am using Win32 Disk Imager. When I try to image either I get an error: “Write error 1.0 - An error occurred when trying to write data to handle. Error 5: Access is denied”. Then I downloaded and tried etcher, which worked. So, thank you again!