Piaware sd card install to draw data off airspy

I am looking at using a piaware sd card image to draw via net, off an airspy. Not sure via advanced configurations, of what receiver type I should be setting etc. Familiar with a radarcape net set up for a PI.

If the airspy is on another machine and you want to pull the data over the network, set these in piaware-config.txt:

receiver-type relay
receiver-host hostname.or.ip.of.other.machine
receiver-port 30005

(or replace 30005 with whatever port the data is available on)

Setting the type to relay on a piaware sdcard image configures it to feed the data both to the FlightAware servers and also to the local SkyAware display.

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Thanks that has worked :slight_smile: Next to see if I can swap to readsb, but that will be another story :slight_smile:

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