It was:

Now it is:

What is the difference between the two?




@N456TS Thank you. I did not realize this krack has resulted in version number change.


It’s just a rebuild for newer Raspbian packages, the underlying piaware etc. is still 3.5.1, but it is a different image so I gave it a different filename. (“bis” meaning “again” or “a second time”)


Thanks for clarification.

To replicate and solve the problem of @ki6fro in thread TWEAKS, 2 hours ago I formatted microSD card and downloaded bis img, and not being sure what it is, wrote previous non-bis 3.5.1 img existing in my Windows download folder.

Needs one more formatting of microSD card and writing of bis img :cry:


Formatted micoSD card,
Wrote piaware-sd-card-3.5.1bis.img
Piaware Data feeder and dump1090-fa working smoothly.

Ran J Prochazka’s script and Installed:
Planefinder Data Feeder
Flightradar24 Data Feeder
Adsbexchange Data Feeder
Web Portal/Performance Graphs

Ran bash script and installed:
Radarbox24 Data Feeder

ALL installation went smoothly, and ALL working trouble free.