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PiAware rebooting after loss of internet

Will PiAware 5.0 automatically reboot if it loses internet connectivity? Mine has done so a few times. Last night, for example, our internet went down for a moment or so in the early morning hours. The PiAware box rebooted. I don’t think we had a power failure because the usual clocks in the house that flash when that happens were fine. Also another raspberry pi n the house did not reboot, although it too lost internet connectivity for a few minutes. I do not run with automatic updates from FA, so unless there is a bug somewhere, that’s not the source of the reboot. TIA

What is “Piaware box”?

Are you operating a Flightfeeder or a Raspberry with either Piaware image or Piaware package?
At lest the package on top of Raspberry OS does not perform an automatic reboot on internet loss.

No. (20 characters pad pad pad)

oops, sorry. It’s the SD card image from FA running on a Raspberry Pi 3

I would not expect that there is any monitoring causing a reboot just because internet dropped on that SD card image. I think that’s what obj already confirmed.

At the beginning i was using that SD card image as well before i moved to the package version. I never experienced anything like that.

Did you check your services and possibly the crontab for suspicous entries?