PiAware - reboot on lost connection

Morning all,

My RPi2 for some reason lost connection to FlightAware last Friday, c08:00.

Shame, as this was set to be my biggest plot day since I put my new 4-radial ground plane up.
(Interestingly, when I got back, the RPi2 itself was still powered on etc).

I seem to recall reading this somewhere; is it possible to get the RPi2 / PiAware to reboot on losing a connection to FA?


I run the following script out of cron every five minutes. I believe the author posts here sometimes, but don’t remember his name. The script is called “checkwifi.sh”. You could change the ping address from the router to “eyes.flightaware.com”.


/bin/ping -c4 > /dev/null

 if  $? != 0 ]
      /sbin/shutdown -r now

I switched my Pi from wired to run using a “Vonets VAP11G” wireless bridge.

This takes 5V power from a usb socket (on the Pi) and connected into the wired network port on the Pi … presenting the Pi’s MAC addess as the MAC address on the connection … seems reliable.

(Needs a windows PC to run the setup program for the VAP11G to tell it the SSID to use WiFi password, etc - before moving it to the pi)