PiAware occasionally looses tracking


I have been using PiAware for a couple of years, currently version 3.5.3. A few months ago i noted that flight tracking is occasionally lost, sometimes for few minutes sometimes for an hour. Then everything comes back as normal. It always work well after reboot/restart Pi or restart of dump1090-fa.
This is the aircraft.json when nothing is recived:
{ “now” : 1524246136.1,
“messages” : 399052,
“aircraft” : [

Initially the SD card was reformatted followed by a installation, no change. Although i use pro stick, i installed a stand alone 1090MHz filter, no change. Adjusted the gain in config file, again nothing changed. Nothing was changed to the system, antenna, receiver, pi (version 3) are all the same. Any suggestion what could cause this behaviour?


Can you check the logs file?

cat /var/log/piaware.log
cat /var/log/syslog


May i send them to you for review? Thanks



Any help appreciated