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PiAware local web on Smart TV

Hi all, some might find this interesting. I have a LG smart TV on the same LAN as my 1090 feeder so I gave the web browser LG provides a try and found it works! I was even able to bookmark so I can quickly open and see air traffic on the TV. Early this morning I could see a couple of large aircraft coming into KMCO. Went outside in the early morning darkness and could easily see the landing lights then the belly as they flew overhead. That was awesome!

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Why not?

The page is a normal web page every modern browser should be able to display.

Nothing special

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Guess I was just thinking back a few years when lots of web pages would not work correct on FF, lot’s required I.E. to work.

Seems it has gotten much better now.

Was still surprised to see the PiAware display perfect in an obscure web browser provided by a TV manufacture.

Back in the day I recall writing web page sections for each browser type reported in the header - Mosaic, Netscape, Firefox, IE, … Fortunately standards were developed that simplified html coding. My Samsung TVs have no trouble handling web pages of all sorts. I love putting FA up on my big screen TV. :mask:

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Uh, that’s a long time ago…
Meanwhile 90% of the pages are using any of the existing CMS, most developers do not need to take care about the used browsers.
Beside that i would not try to cover each and every single browser available in the world.

MS took the industry standard (HTML) and screwed with it until there was “HTML for ie” and “HTML for everything else”