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Piaware keyboard issue

While I have piaware up and running, when I try to do command line stuff I get some issue with keyboard. a " shows up like an @ on the screen.

Figured bad keyboard (amazon basic USB) so got a refund on it. Went to best buy and bought a logitech K120, same issue. so, problem follows either the pi OS or piaware.

Does anyone have a pointer to a resolution?


It sounds like a UK / US keyboard mapping issue.
If you are using a US keyboard then make sure your keyboard is set to US in the pi.
It’s probably set to UK.

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sudo raspi-config
→ Localisation options
→ Change keyboard layout

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I can unselect GB, but cannot seem to select US

I’ve replied to your support ticket.

High, eric1tran,
It’s definitely a setup issue, the sudo raspi-config should be the way to go as mentioned above but even after that sometimes this one gets left out for some reason.
I don’t know if you have sorted it yet (don’t know my way round properly to check) but click on the raspberry, bottom left hand, highlight Preferences then Raspberry Pi Configuration then Localisation tab and Set Keyboard, you’ll probably see that one of them there is still set to US.
This is assuming of course you have access to your Desktop ??
I usually keep access to the Desktop, if possible, then set it to boot to the cmnd line after the adjustments.
Be safe
, stay well

I have it worked out from a suggestion online, my pi was interpreting my keyboard as UK keyboard, I’m in US. A Wikipedia search showed the exact key difference I was seeing.



I keep forgetting that probably the majority of these programs are in the States but if it was a pi it would have still worked, unless they are different over there, as long as your sorted that’s the main thing.
Be safe, stay well