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Piaware for Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

The packages built from source code on your Pi have no repository.

Only the packages supplied by Flightaware have repository lines and are updateable/upgradeable. Since Flightaware’s current packages are for Buster, these packages fail to install on Bullseye. That is the reason you had to built it on your Pi running Bullseye.

If you want an upgradeable package, you will have to replace your currently built packages by ver 7 packages when Flightaware releases these. The Flightaware’s ver 7 will be installable on Bullseye.

No need to purchase RPi Model 4 for just building the packages. Try installing pre-built packages (which I have built on Bullseye/RPI Model 4), from my PPA (Personal Package Archive) at Github with following commands. First 2 commands will take few seconds each, 3rd+4th+5th+6th will take a total of 5 ~ 10 minutes:

sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/abcd567a.list https://abcd567a.github.io/ppa/piaware/abcd567a.list   
## above command is long. Scroll right to see and copy it in full

sudo wget -O - https://abcd567a.github.io/ppa/piaware/KEY.gpg | sudo apt-key add -   
## Dont miss to copy - at the end of above command
## Ignore warning "depricated" given when above command is executed

sudo apt update   

sudo apt install piaware  

sudo apt install dump1090-fa   

sudo apt install piaware-web
## In your Browser, go to address "IP-of-Pi" OR "IP-of-Pi:80" to see piaware-web

sudo reboot
## Dont forget to reboot 

Thanks a bunch, @abcd567. I will settle for your recommendations/suggestions/guidance and avoid the urge to confirm Einstein’s definition of insanity.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kind regards.

This is my first encounter with the message about no candidates. I did not know that Bullseye was even out there. I just installed the latest and got it without knowing. Found out that was the bleeding edge. So, to stop the bleeding, I backed off and went back to Buster Lite for a few months until everything is caught up.

Thanks for the info. It was my lack of knowledge, partially, that got in the way. It was interesting to build from source. It was actually rather fast on the 02W. Faster than I would have thought. I saw error messages, here and there, but it worked so I guess they were not important. There is another, BIG problem with Bullseye. I always increase the boot partition size and have for several years so it will not fill up and blow up an apt-get upgrade run. When you do the standard procedure on Bullseye, you end up with an unbootable flash. So, again, back to Buster, do the procedure, all is well. Surely is bleeding edge and I don’t like bleeding quite that much!

Anyway, back to Buster and feeding from the FF (on your antenna) and my PiAware on my, better, home built antenna with 25% better range. The antenna are, essentially, colocated and mine outperforms yours. I have the Orange FA stick. Not sure what is in the FF box, since it has no shell.

Thanks for the pointers and help,

Mike Morrow

For others’ information the latest Buster version of Raspbian is available here: